Mirror Photo Booth Rentals: What’s Included, and How Much Will It Cost?

Want to capture the magical moments in an instant?

Rental Photo Booths are at your service! In today’s world, capturing moments has become easier with the advent of technology. This digital revolution has brought us photo booths. Nowadays, we see these booths at every event, such as weddings, corporate meetings, and birthday parties. If you plan for an event, consider renting a photo booth.

Today, we’ll explore everything you need to know about photo booth rentals, including the factors that make up a package and pricing plan.

Mirror Photo Booth Rental Price Breakdown

Before exploring what photo booth rental packages contain, it’s essential to understand the small details that affect the pricing bundles. The pricing plan depends on the following factors:

  • Duration of Rental
    One of the most essential factors that affects the pricing is the hourly rate of photo booth rentals, which needs to be paid. The longer you keep the booth for your event, the greater the overall cost. It’s essential to consider the time required to capture the moments timely.
  • Type of Event
    The nature of your event affects the pricing plan. Please discuss this with the rental company to get an accurate quote. Weddings, corporate events, and parties may have different pricing plans. Always discuss this before getting the correct pricing plans and avoid future circumstances.
  • Extra Services
    Every company has a different plan and factors that make up a package. Some offer extra services that increase the cost. Adding custom backdrops, themed props, photo album creation, and even social media integration can increase the price of an ordinary plan. Choose the package after a comprehensive evaluation that best fits your needs.
  • Location
    Locations bind some companies. They charge extra for outdoor events, which goes beyond their standard criteria. Confirm the location and associated fee with the chosen rental provider.
  • Quality of Equipment
    The quality of photo booths varies from one company to another. High-quality booths may come with superior prices. High-quality equipment has expensive features that make it unique. Booths with the latest features and higher quality usually cost more than usual to meet the custom user’s needs. It’s always recommended to cross-check the specifications of the booth with the company to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Peak vs. Off-Peak Times
    Like other factors, photo booth rentals often have peak and off-peak prices. Suppose your event is on a weekday or during the off-season; it’s easier to secure a budget-friendly rate than during an ongoing season.

What are Mirror Photo Booth Rental Packages?

As we have explored the factors that affect the pricing of photo booth rentals, let’s dive into the concept of photo booth rental packages. These plans are designed to facilitate the custom needs of clients. It simplifies the rental process by combining various services in a package at one price. These packages bring ease by combining every element.

Customization Options

Many companies design different packages to meet the client’s needs and budget. These packages are customized to complete the event theme and need. Here are some common types of photo booth rental packages:

  • Basic Package
    It consists of a booth, unlimited photo sessions, props, and digital copies of images.
  • Standard Package
    In addition to basics, this plan includes features like custom backdrops, photo album creation, and a choice of print layout.
  • Premium Package
    This package is a bonus package where extra services like social media sharing, video messaging, and premium props are offered.
  • Custom Package
    This package allows an add-on of different services and features. It’s a fantastic option for a better vision of what you need.
  • Group and Corporate Packages
    For your significant events, rental companies offer more excellent packages. They sometimes include free additions. Multiple booths, personalized branding, and extra staff to manage the booth are provided for a seamless experience in such packages.

What’s Included in Mirror Photo Booth Rental Packages?

The package includes various things depending on the company you choose. However, some common elements are found in it.

  1. Mirror Photo Booth Equipment
    Every package should include a high-resolution camera, touchscreen monitor, instant photo printer, and studio-quality lighting. Always double-check at every stage to make sure everything is clear.
  2. Unlimited Photo Sessions
    This allows you and the guest to enjoy the pleasure at its fullest. Most packages offer unlimited shots without additional charges. It’s great to offer everyone a chance to capture their best moment.
  3. Props and Accessories
    Props and accessories include funny hats and themed masks to match the event’s style. This adds an element of fun and creativity to the photo-taking experience.
  4. Custom Backdrops
    This adds unique backgrounds to your photos. Many packages offer this for an exceptional experience. This complements the event’s theme by adding a touch of creativity to your pictures.
  5. Digital Copies of Photos
    It’s essential to have a copy of every photograph. Most photo booths offer a USB drive or download option to enable the user to save their precious moments. This makes it convenient to share and preserve your special moments.
  6. Print Layout Options
    If your photo booth has a printing option, there are greater chances to choose from various printing layouts. You can select unique frames for your pictures, from classic to post-style prints.
  7. Photo Album Creation
    It’s a fantastic feature that allows users to create their event-specific album or scrapbook. This compiles all the photos in one frame that you can cherish in the future.
  8. Social Media Integration
    For those who are obsessed with real-time photo sharing, some packages offer social media integration for them. This lets guests share photos directly to their social media profiles, exciting the viewers with live reporting.
  9. On-Site Attendant
    The company sends these attendants to ensure you enjoy them to the fullest. Rental packages that include this service set up and maintain the booth setting, assist guests, and provide a smooth operation throughout the event.
  10. Setup and Cleanup
    Today, most packages include this service for the user’s convenience, where the professional staff takes care of the whole process. From setting up to dismantling it, the company’s attendants take care of the booth settings. Hence, you no longer need to worry about logistics.

Your Best Mirror Photo Booth Rental Choice

The Blue Mountain Event Pix photo booth is your go-to partner if you want a seamless operation and smooth event. They have not only met but exceeded client expectations with exceptional services. The custom packages are versatile to meet your needs. With a commitment to excellence, they deliver the finest quality and prioritize customer satisfaction at every stage, which sets them apart.

At Blue Mountain Event Pix Mirror Photo Booth, you get:

  • High-resolution cameras and Mirror photo booth equipment
  • Unlimited photo sessions
  • Wide range of props and accessories
  • Setup and cleanup services
  • Custom backdrop options
  • Digital copies of all events
  • Wide layout options
  • On-site attendants

With this photo booth rental company, an exceptional experience can be gained within a few steps. Contact Blue Mountain Event Pix Mirror photo booth for custom quotes and experience a new photo-taking style. Discuss your needs and budget with the professionals to meet the user needs.

Picture-Perfect Events with Blue Mountain Event Pix

Photo booths have elevated the standard of photo-taking with their state-of-the-art equipment. For an informed decision, it’s essential to analyze the key factors influencing the cost of photo booth rentals. Whether you have a small-scale event or a grand, fun-filled party, Blue Mountain Event Pix adds a touch of magic to your precious moments. Always research before making any decision, find the possibilities of custom packages to meet your needs and choose a reputable company like Blue Mountain Event Pix Mirror Photo Booth for a memorable experience.

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